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  laminated panel with fingerjoint

  laminated panel without fingerjoint



  laminated panel with fingerjoint

  laminated panel without fingerjoint



  laminated panel with fingerjoint

  rubberwood squares 


  OAK beams


  OAK laminated window scantlings


  OAK boules & square edged

  BEECH boules & square edged










OAK Beams :

We are highly specialized in cutting beautiful Oak beams.
Only French Oak with good origin.

Always good quality: 4 edges sharp, no wane. 70% QPA and max 30 % QP1 - No QP2 quality

We saw complete trees, not only the seconds logs or leftovers.


Oak beams find their applications inside and outside:

carports, poolhouses, rustic ceilings, fireplace tablets, timber constructions, garden sheds, horse stables, oak framed buildings, timber roof trusses and posts, windows and doors, gates, waterworks, bridges, beam structures, restaurations…


Fresh sawn beams have a yellow gold colour, they discolor by wind and weather to beautiful shades of grey.

Always 800 to 1200  m3 beams in stock


Click below for a movie of our stock of Oak beams

(filmed in September 2009, however all pictures below are taken in March 2014):



Good storage with good care: all beams are carefully put in piles with a lot of space around each beam to have ventilation for airdrying.  Perfectly "stacked" with blocks of abt 70 mm every 1m00 to keep the beams straight.

We always stock smaller sections under roof to avoid cracks. 



Choose from our wide range with standard dimensions. After ordering we prepare for pick-up or delivery to your address.












Beams big sections :


  200 x 200 x 2m50 → 7m00

  200 x 250 x 3m50 → 7m00

  250 x 250 x 3m00 → 7m00

  250 x 300 x 4m50 → 6m50

  300 x 300 x 4m00 → 6m50

  350 x 350 x 5m00 → 7m00

  400 x 400 x 5m50 → 7m00




  Beams small sections : 


    80 x 80 x 2m50 3m50 

    100 x 100 x 2m00 4m00

    100 x 200 x 3m00 6m00

    100 x 250 x 3m00 6m00

    150 x 150 x 2m00 5m50

    150 x 200 x 3m00 6m50

    150 x 250 x 3m00 6m50

    150 x 300 x 3m00 6m50













Constructionwood and tablets


    27 x 210 x 2m50 → 4m00

    45 x 250 x 3m00 4m50

    55 x 150 x 3m00 → 3m50

    55 x 200 x 3m00 → 4m50

    70 x 200 x 3m00 → 5m50

    85 x 150 x 3m00 → 5m00

    85 x 200 x 3m00 → 5m50





  Dry beams in stock


  Sawn 2 to 3 years





Green Oak, fresh cut to your specifications:


We saw green Oak according to your cutting list. Short lead time because it can be combined with our weekly deliveries of stock sizes.


Even big volumes (for example 150 m3)can be cut within 4 to 6 weeks.


  Contact us for a good offer












Trucks loaded on our yard, on their way to happy customers   ;-)




Reasons to work with DB Hardwoods : 

- wholesaler with constant large stocks > short delivery times + guarantee about constant quality.

- very large range of thicknesses and formats.

- very competitive prices for a top quality.

- we are flexible and correct. You are buying from us security, with peace of mind.

- through our years of cooperation with about 10 sawmills we can deliver large volumes

  and we can cut special sizes on a short term.