laminated panel with fingerjoint

  laminated panel without fingerjoint



  laminated panel with fingerjoint

  laminated panel without fingerjoint



  laminated panel with fingerjoint

  rubberwood squares 


  OAK beams


  OAK laminated window scantlings


  OAK boules & square edged

  BEECH boules & square edged













DB Hardwoods is a family business, efficiently organized, with 3 locations in Belgium.
We are a team of 8 people, all with a lot of experience and passion to advise and serve the customer in the best way.  


We have large inventories, well conditioned in our 40.000 m2 indoor warehouses. We always deliver fast, in a good and constant quality, without compromises and at competitive prices.




As manufacturer of Rubberwood panels we work in our Asian production with 1100 people.
For beech and oak panels we work since years with selected long-term partners to develop products, control and improve their quality and extend the range.
Good agreements and mutual long term vision make sure that we can guarantee the quality.


- RUBBERWOOD laminated panels with fingerjoint:

  Rubberwood is a real all-round hardwood, ideal for all work in solid wood.
  SUPERIOR-quality: only the light color and both sides AA.


- OAK laminated panels with fingerjoint:

  wide range in stock.


- OAK laminated panels WITHOUT fingerjoint:

  made with wide lamellas.


- BEECH laminated panels with fingerjoint:

  wide range in stock.


- BEECH laminated panels WITHOUT fingerjoint:

  made with wide lamellas and available up tot 4m80 long.




Over the years, we made good quality agreements with about 10 sawmills.
We have a wide range in stock with all common dimensions (always 1000 m3 available) and we also cut customer's specifications. We have weekly arrivals for our own stock, so we can cut special sizes on a short term.


3. BEECH & OAK, boules and sawn timber

To ensure the quality, we saw, condition and dry the boules by ourselves at Maasmechelen (Hout Service NV). For this we built a unique space-saving and efficient storage and drying system. All wood is properly stacked on movable big pallets (50 tons) to air dry in the wind and then kiln dry in our kilns.A unique internal transport system moves these pallets quickly to the desired zone: fast drying zone / slow drying zone / protected zone / kilns ... We determine the right place in function of the weather conditions, the type of wood, the thickness and the moisture content. We dry maximally in the wind, but can control by moving the pallets, to avoid cracks in dry periods and discolorations in humid periods. We strive to put the wood in the drying kiln, only when the fiber saturation point is reached. This gives optimal results both for the physical properties of the dried wood and in terms of cost. All wood is stacked under roof, protected from wind, sun and rain.  This way of working is very ECO-friendly and delivers the best conditions to dry your wood.

We also condition and dry wood for third parties.

We have a permanent stock of more than 4000 m3 boules.

The prices are determined per boule in function of the diameter and the quality.

DB Hardwoods looks for efficiency and perfection in all areas.
In future, we want to strengthen our position by developing and offering a wider range of products and by the widening the current markets.

At your service.        

The DB Hardwoods team,  

T +32 (0) 56 50 30 71


Reasons to work with DB Hardwoods :

- manufacturer with constant large stocks and short lead times > you only buy what you need.

- Rubberwood is a real all-round hardwood, ideal for all work in solid wood.

- very competitive prices for a top quality.

- we are flexible and correct. We think with you to reduce costs and solve problems.

- you are buying from us security, with peace of mind

   T +32 (0)56 50 30 71 


  VAT BE 0425.328.370


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